Long Term Care Assaults Continue




A brutal attack over the weekend sent James Acker, an 85 year old resident at St. Joseph’s villa to the hospital with black eyes, swollen cheeks and blood in his brain. Police say they were called for an assault between two residents. According to Acker’s family, both of them have dementia and Acker was sound asleep in his private room at 2 am on Saturday when the other resident walked in.

The family is now calling on the Ministry of Health to put an end to the violence. Acker’s daughter Tammy says this isn’t the first time he has been assaulted at St. Joseph’s villa. In September of last year a sexual assault took place on Acker.

The victims family believes the Ministry of Health should do more to prevent resident-on-resident attacks. Ontario’s chief coroner has previously called on the province to take action after 13 homicides were investigated at long term care homes back in 2013 and 2014. Hamilton police say the assailant in this case is not facing criminal charges.

“The police said that he couldn’t be because he’s a dependant. It’s in the hands of St. Joseph’s villa.” Tammy.

The president of the villa says quote: “incidents of this nature are prevalent in long term care homes and that they review every option to ensure the safety and security of the residents.”

Acker’s family will meet with the president of St. Joseph’s villa in Hamilton to try and get their questions answered.

News of this assault in Hamilton comes as Peel police charge an 82 year old man with manslaughter after attacking another resident at the Camilla Care community in Mississauga.



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Ontario’s Long-Term-Care is still in shambles, and our seniors are still being abused by residents, workers, and now by some Doctors … who’s next?

Just recently, the daughter of a senior living in an Ontario Long-Term-Care facility was informed her mother had gallstones.

The essence of the conversation entailed that surgical intervention was imminent, but despite the daughter’s insistence, the doctor said that he was against surgery. He told her that it was a waste of OHIP dollars and that he wasn’t going to allow this to happen.

The home told the daughter that they would report her to the Ministry (after she said that she would bring the mother to the hospital herself).

The doctor was so agitated, discomposed, and yelled at the daughter to the extent that his face flushed to a bright red; she was frightened and shaken enough to call 911. Her mother was so upset at experiencing this terrible abuse that she asked the daughter to lie down after lunch, something she never does. All of this is profoundly disturbing!

An earlier investigation alleging her mom’s abuse could not be verified, but the ministry found that her roommate was reportedly being abused.

This doctor also reportedly reduced her Mother’s Celexa from 40 mg to 20 mg; we’re told by a family member that this caused her mom to experience severe emotional problems.

The family also contends that this doctor calls himself a “Geriatrician”. A subsequent check on the College of Physicians’ website by Ontario Cares reveals that he is a General Practitioner (Family Doctor).

After Police attended the facility, the doctor agreed he would make a referral to a Surgeon. A complaint to the College has since been submitted by the daughter.

A separate incident was reported earlier to Ontario Cares, by the same family member, that a senior choked to death while being fed. Police attended the scene and an investigation ensued.

It is our experience that not much is being done, at best. Because of their age, no one seems interested or even cares. This is outrageous, intolerant, and discriminatory against our most vulnerable. These people are being treated as sub-human. Our own Canadian Constitution states that no matter age, religion, or gender, we ALL have the same rights.

Unfortunately, not all family members have the wherewithal to proceed against these monsters.

Here is a direct quote from our Constitution:

15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

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MY MOTHERS STORY – RIP MOMMY Click on photo to view W5 documentary

Click on photo to view w5’s abusive care documentary – Nominated for prestigious award. Thanks to Steve Bandera, Litsa Sourtzis and W5 staff, I am forever grateful.


To my mom

Mom you mean the world to me
It’s hard to live without you
You were always by my side
Through thick and thin you helped me
Now when you’re gone my life is hard to live
It’s hard to breath
It’s hard to see
And it’s hard to think about anything but you.
Even though your love will shine in me
Forever, it’s still hard not to look for your hand to hold.
Even though your not here with me in the
Flesh, I still have you in my heart and in my memories.
I love you forever beautiful mom – Hiral P. Patel


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Peterborough Ontario – St Josephs At Fleming deplorable Abuse. Only One Fired – 4. You Be The Judge | Over 16,202,987 views, With Thanks To “Everyone matters” For Putting This Together. RIP Hellen MacDonald

Peterborough Ontario – St Josephs At Fleming deplorable Abuse. Only One Out Of Four Fired Over The Series Of Acts. You Be The Judge | Over 16,202,987 views

RIP Hellen MacDonald  April 25 1928 – Sept 20 2016 May God Bless You Beautiful Mother




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Kathleen Wynne has announced that her Liberals have added to the act Sept 15th 2016.  It has nothing to do with the Liberals NOT enforcing the said act, they never have! So today’s announcement is about: “Health care professionals are prohibited from engaging in sexual acts, conduct, or behavior with their patients. It is professional misconduct to engage in such conduct, which is defined as “sexual abuse” in the governing legislation1.” “prevent a college from allowing a regulated health professional to continue to practice on patients of one gender after there is a finding or allegation of sexual abuse;” REALLY, REALLY, PSW’s are exempt as the Ministry refuses to have them accountable to a or any college!! We really really really need to rid ourselves of this Liberal Government ASAP!  An election is coming and you will see all kinds of lies.  Ontarian’s are fed up and aren’t stupid, we will show them this in the next Provincial Election!

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Former St. Josephs At Fleming Peterborough Staff, most recent Extendicare Peterborough Nurse accused of stealing drugs and falsifying medical Records.

>>> Extendicare Peterborough Nurse investigated for stealing drugs and falsifying medical records. <<<





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Nursing care home full inspections no longer annual in Ontario


13613565_1212180338821853_5737302709821225693_oPHOTO CREDIT: Clifford Skarstedt/Peterborough Examiner/Postmedia Network


A MESSAGE TO KATHLEEN WYNNE, DR.ERIC HOSKINS, DEB MATTHEWS & OUR LIBERAL POLITICIANS: “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” – Martin Luther King



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Mother of Newmarket boy Ty Wint, 2, shares her story after boy’s father sentenced in child’s death


The young mother’s face brightens as she recalls the tiny son to whom she used to read goodnight stories.

“He was the best of all of us; he always did what he was asked,” she said “He was full of life and had the biggest heart, the brightest smile.”

But it didn’t take long for two-year-old Mathias “Ty” Wint’s flame to be snuffed out.

He was killed after being struck by his father, Mario Wint, the man Simcoe Children’s Aid Society workers — the agency meant to protect our province’s most vulnerable children — deemed best to care for him.

“(Ty) was not cut out for this world,” she adds, her eyes now cast downward. “He was too good for this world.”

It was on Jan. 22, 2015 when Ty was struck in the stomach so many times with such force that his liver and pancreas were split in two, resulting in his death.

Ty’s mother, Melissa, (not her real name), along with many in the community have been left deeply disturbed by the details of Ty’s story.

How Ty ended up in the care of Mario, who has a lengthy criminal history, is a question Melissa can’t answer, noting social workers delivered Ty to Mario’s house 41 days before the toddler’s death.

Given the private nature of the case, the agency, now named Simcoe Family Connexions, would not comment directly on its role in the affair.

Melissa’s story begins in Simcoe County, where she, herself, was in the care of the CAS from an early age.

She met Mario, who was born in Jamaica and grew up in Newmarket, about a decade ago in a Barrie nightclub.

Mario, now 30, was quiet, sweet, soft-spoken and a talented spoken-word musician.

“We became very close, very quickly,” she said. “We began dating and moved in together. That’s when the abuse started. You name it, he did it.”

The physical and psychological abuse and controlling behaviour, would carry on for many years.

“It was a nightmare… It became so bad I had to leave,” she said.

It didn’t take Melissa — by then in her early 20s— long before she discovered she was pregnant and Mario was nowhere to be found.

After eight months, he showed back up and said he wanted to be a dad.

This was the couple’s first child, a six-year-old whose identity is protected by the courts.

“The abuse started again almost immediately,” she said. “A week later, he threatened to leave with my baby. Three months later, he forcibly confined me.”

On Dec. 31, 2008, Wint kneed Melissa in the stomach and, about one month later, he kneed her in the rib-cage.

Melissa called the police and Mario was charged. He pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm.

The next few years involved Mario leaving and then re-entering Melissa’s life, repeatedly promising things would be different.

“I loved him. I saw goodness, through all his bull****,” she added. “So I fought for what I believed in.”

Despite Mario’s promises, the abuse continued, often targeting Melissa’s stomach.

Often, his physical abuse was followed by threatening and harassing messages to her phone, leading to a criminal harassment conviction.

After having a second child, Ty, the abuse reached new heights.

One night, in 2010, after showing up at Melissa’s apartment, Mario grew enraged.

When she asked him to leave, he agreed, on one condition — he would be taking the couple’s son with him.

Melissa refused and picked up Ty.

Mario came at her with a knife, threatening, “I’m going to cut you”.

“He said if I put him in jail again, he would do whatever he could to ensure I didn’t have my kids,” Melissa said.

She called police, who in turn notified CAS.

Mario was arrested again and convicted of assault with a weapon and handed a six-month prison sentence.

In all, he has 12 convictions, five of which involve domestic abuse.

Soon after his incarceration at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, Mario called CAS to complain about Melissa, she said.

“He made the most unthinkable, outlandish allegations,” she added.

Her file was soon closed, Melissa said, after the social worker found no truth in the allegations.

However, the case was re-opened when Melissa’s father-in-law was murdered in Barrie.

She continues to maintain it was her own upbringing with the CAS and this murder that acted as the catalyst for the children’s removal from her home.

In November 2013, Ty, his older brother and a child from a former relationship were all taken from Melissa and given to foster parents.

When Mario was released from prison, he began weekly supervised visits with the boys, which eventually grew into unsupervised visits and then overnights once a week.

Meanwhile, Melissa was still restricted to supervised visits.

“The (CAS) deemed him fit to be alone with those children even with his huge violent domestic abuse record,” Melissa said.

Mario then sought custody of the boys, landing a job at a factory and completing a number of courses to show his worth to the CAS and the courts, Melissa said.

“I fought for a year for those boys,” she added. “He’s a smooth talker and comes off as caring.”

On Dec. 14, 2014, Mario was granted temporary custody of the boys in Barrie by Justice John McCarthy to live at his basement apartment at 136 Longford Dr., in Newmarket.

Soon after this legal victory, Mario quit his job and went back on welfare, Melissa said.

Despite being required to check on the boys’ welfare, Melissa insists that CAS did not conduct a required check after 30 days. The CAS could not comment, by law, on the allegation.

Nonetheless, Mario was on his very best behaviour, Melissa said.

During this time, she was secretly checking for bruises, but found nothing on the boys.

“I didn’t notice any problems, not one,” she said.

By January 2015, Mario was having money troubles, so his mother, Valerie, was helping him out financially and Melissa was buying diapers for Ty.

The specifics of what happened between Mario and Ty on Jan. 22 remain unknown.

Mario pleaded guilty to striking Ty “more than once with significant force”, breaking the toddler’s back, while in a rage, according to court documents.

“He hit with significant force. I have been hit by Mario with force. I was in bed for one month,” Melissa said. “No child could survive that.”

Melissa still blames herself for Ty’s death, in part because she said she refused to see Mario after he texted her the day Ty died, begging her to visit him.

She continues to believe that it was Mario’s anger over her relationship with another man that led to Ty’s death.

“I wonder, if I had of gone (to visit him), would he still be here?” she said.

To this day, it remains an open question whether Ty was even alive as Mario walked around town with him in a stroller, running errands.

In one surveillance image, Ty’s 23-pound frame was seen to be lying motionless in the buggy, arms extended outward.

Valerie, a nurse by training, told Mario to take the boy to the medical clinic when she saw him, but he ignored the advice, too scared of the consequences.

He not only lied to her about what had happened to the boy, but he also lied to the 911 operator, paramedics, police and friends who supported him.

When Melissa got to the hospital, she felt her boy’s body and he was cold, signifying to her that he’d been dead for hours.

When Mario walked in, she said he tried to talk to Ty, before falling to his knees and crying.

He told Melissa that Ty was sick, wouldn’t eat or drink and just died.

“He could have got help for my boy. He did nothing. He hid,” Melissa said, referring to Mario’s failure to call 911 for hours. “He’s a wolf in sheep clothing.”

Weeks later, as Melissa continued to mourn the loss of her son, she felt another blow to her gut.

She believes the CAS wanted to adopt out the two remaining boys.

“You’re not my mommy; I’m getting a new mommy,” Melissa said one of her boys told her.

About a month ago, Melissa lost all her sons, after they were adopted by another family.

Although covered by a publication ban, a victim impact statement read in court showed the two boys, who lost their baby brother, experienced severe psychological anguish.

After pleading guilty to manslaughter, Mario was handed a 10-year sentence by Justice Nathan Dwyer on Tuesday, minus time served. If he achieves parole at the earliest opportunity, Mario will be out in 32 months.

Melissa wants a coroner’s inquest into Ty’s death and plans to sue the Simcoe CAS.

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