Long Term Care Assaults Continue




A brutal attack over the weekend sent James Acker, an 85 year old resident at St. Joseph’s villa to the hospital with black eyes, swollen cheeks and blood in his brain. Police say they were called for an assault between two residents. According to Acker’s family, both of them have dementia and Acker was sound asleep in his private room at 2 am on Saturday when the other resident walked in.

The family is now calling on the Ministry of Health to put an end to the violence. Acker’s daughter Tammy says this isn’t the first time he has been assaulted at St. Joseph’s villa. In September of last year a sexual assault took place on Acker.

The victims family believes the Ministry of Health should do more to prevent resident-on-resident attacks. Ontario’s chief coroner has previously called on the province to take action after 13 homicides were investigated at long term care homes back in 2013 and 2014. Hamilton police say the assailant in this case is not facing criminal charges.

“The police said that he couldn’t be because he’s a dependant. It’s in the hands of St. Joseph’s villa.” Tammy.

The president of the villa says quote: “incidents of this nature are prevalent in long term care homes and that they review every option to ensure the safety and security of the residents.”

Acker’s family will meet with the president of St. Joseph’s villa in Hamilton to try and get their questions answered.

News of this assault in Hamilton comes as Peel police charge an 82 year old man with manslaughter after attacking another resident at the Camilla Care community in Mississauga.



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One comment on “Long Term Care Assaults Continue

  1. The MOH is responsible and accountable to taxpayers, and families with loved ones in LTC homes. They brought out the LTC ACT in 2007. However, families also need to hold the individual LTC home where their loved one resides, accountable & responsible for keeping their loved ones safe, ensuring each resident’s care plan is up-to-date, is accurate, is set in concert with the resident and/or their family, that all staff caring for our loved ones are familiar with and know the specifics of caring for our loved ones every time they are on duty. All too often, especially in the case of casual, part time staff, they do not familiarize themselves with the care plan and thus, problems occur. The responsibility for ensuring the right person, with the right skills & attitude is the LTC home. They do the recruiting, they interview, they hire, so THEY need to ensure the casual, part-time staff are competent. Families need to expect the LTC home hold their home’s management accountable, at the home itself or, the home’s head office (in the case where an organization comprises a number of homes). In some cases, the LTC home’s management team is not competent. Yes, the MOH sets the regulations, families advise the home first of problems, them if the home does not resolve the issue satisfactorily, families escalate it to MOH who send out inspectors to inspect the issue.

    However, individual LTC homes do their own recruiting and staff hiring. “Apparently”, the MOH does not have legislative authority over the homes, but can/do inspect problems if the LTC ACT is violated & families don’t get satisfaction from the LTC home. I’ve heard (not yet verified) the LHINS have this authority. What about the Boards of Directors of LTC homes? Are they responsible for holding LTC management accountable? What do they do? What are they accountable for and to whom? Families need to know WHO HAS AUTHORITY over the homes, who can hold them to account and make decisions about all LTC management’s and staff’s competencies. Is this why the MOH has done little more than talk and throw money at LTC, hiring more inspectors which is re-active? If the set up of these LTC homes have no one they are accountable to, THIS needs to change, NOW. SOMEONE has to be held accountable. Let’s get to the BOTTOM of this before MORE seniors are “murdered” as a result of living in what is supposed to be and referred to by the MOH as “their home” – LTC in ONTARIO. Can anyone shed more light on this?????????

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