One comment on “Ontario man died in agony after nursing home neglected bed sore, lawsuit alleges

  1. A great number of seniors’ families have been frustrated beyond belief by the lack of acknowledgement, PRO-action by the ON government and MOH for years. I’ve been at it, actively advocating for seniors the last 7 years and other caregivers(bless them) for a lot more. I quit my career to be at my dad’s LTC home, daily, (no holidays for 5 years). The reasons: insufficient staffing, incompetent staff, lack of conformance to standards, inconsistent performance by all staff and lack of regulated Care workers. For all the talk about QUALITY & PATIENTS FIRST – the talk has and is failing – for YEARS. OUR EVIDENCE (on which the MOH says it makes decisions in health care) IS MURDER. YES, the results of the talk – MURDER of 8 vulnerable, frail seniors, about whom the MOH always maintained “We take seniors’ care very seriously”. We now know how seriously they took and have taken seniors care, over many, many years. The MOH has just been re-arranging the deck chairs on the TITANIC!! Lots & lots of empty talk, committees – 2 task forces 2008 & 2011 who studied the problems, made recommendations (they both had the same findings and recommendations) and which are still sitting on shelves, or are in a cupboard, somewhere in the basement of Queen’s Park???
    FOLKS, Quality is: “CONFORMANCE TO STANDARDS”. It’s not rocket science! Standards in LTC are either: lacking, or, were inaccurately defined, set, or, the people in charge, responsible, don’t know how to define and set them, and yes, set them for “every” role in the LTC system or, the management, supervisors of the LTC homes don’t know how to hire the right people with the RIGHT competencies (that’s with the RIGHT skills, knowledge & attitude) that can and want to meet the standards, or homes don’t have management who know how to measure employee performance against the set standards. If you can’t measure “QUALITY” i.e. everyone’s performance, then surprise, you cannot manage it! Where have the LHINS been? and the OLTCA organization? AND, the College of Nurses and the OMA and the PGT and all the LTC home operators, Family Councils, and BOARDS of Directors who should be monitoring, providing feedback on performance AND dam well ensuring QUALITY is happening- i.e. “conformance to standards” in the LTC homes? Who/what bodies/entities are overseeing the “quality” education of staff (all of them responsible for health care) performance of the LHINS, OLTCA, LTC HOMES. AND let’s not forget the CCAC’s who’ve contributed to the stress of seniors and their families trying to place their loved ones in LTC because we don’t have an effective home care system.
    We, the caregivers of our loved ones in LTC have followed the complaints’ processes, been at Family Council meetings, called/wrote the complaint channels, joined associations and government supported organizations and met with, wrote, called our representatives elected to, at least not inflict harm on us, for years. Where has this gotten us??? Our government has betrayed us.
    Only the media has exposed the unbelievable stories you’d think only belonged in 3rd world countries – that’s comprehensible – they are 3rd world, they don’t have the resources. BUT WHAT’s ONTARIO’S government EXCUSE now? It’s inexcusable as we the caregivers told them, kept telling them and they did NOTHING.

    Denyse Lynch is a part time writer for Ontario Cares

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