One comment on “Every year so many unreported rapes happen right under the noses of health care workers and at times many of the perpetrators are the very employees we trust with our loved ones… Watch it now!

  1. In What Universe, let alone, CANADA, does our government have ” VOTERS’, TAXPAYERS'” permission to ENABLE the RAPE of our vulnerable, defenceless SENIORS living in Long Term Care homes? The CTV report was ASTOUNDING, SHOCKING in their LTC homes’ investigation on RAPE of our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, friends, cousins. SPEAK UP – Write Mr Trudeau, your MP, MPP, Ministers of Health to ENFORCE criminal background checks on residents entering LTC homes. ALL have a right to HEATLH CARE in LTC, but all potential residents gave up their RIGHT to PRIVACY IF/WHEN, any were “charged & convicted” of sexual assault, before needling LTC. Does the government not know “policies” are written by PEOPLE and can be changed by PEOPLE ?…. HOW did our stewards of health care lose their common sense, decency, morality, DUTY TO PROTECT our seniors. Enough is ENOUGH! SHAKE off your indifference and ACT now, please…lives depend on US ! Remember, all that is required for EVIL to prevail, be the status quo, is for good people to sit back and DO NOTHING.

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