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  1. Hi Camille;

    Good to talk. We are on the same page re the MOH and their understanding, ability to understand or, unwillingness to understand the “abuse/neglect issues” in LTC.

    The OPSWA web site says their Mission is to ensure PSWS have the right training, etc..but I see no process for dealing with PSW complaints and/or how they (OPSWA) propose consequences to a PSW if they are inspected and found to have abused a resident. And what does the OPSWA propose as a consequence for the PSW? Having heard too many times about how “those responsible for caring for residents take the issues of abuse very seriously”, where is the OPSWA’s complete complaint process and what consequences for violations can be imposed on the PSW? What types or severities of abuse warrant which consequences? And what is the role, responsibility, accountability of the LTC homes in supervising, training, coaching PSWs? Are they blameless when the PSWs work in their facilities are supervised and provided training by the LTC home’s management?

    There are many, many aspects to supporting the “quality care” of residents in LTC that must be considered: the MOH, OLTCA, CCAC’s, LHINS, LTC organizations themselves, training colleges & organizations who certify PSWs, the setting of standards, competencies for staffing in LTC homes, what aspects of resident care are being measured for quality? How does the MOH measure, qualify, respect, dignity? These issues and more overlap and all must be looked at if the LTC system is to improve.

    Am putting together some info on the specific issues I see as barriers to stopping the abuse/neglect in LTC and why these are barriers. Will forward you when completed.



    • Hello Denyse, Camille,

      I have my mother in LTC and have contacted the ministry many times, I visit everyday. Everyday we have issues with oxygen and home cannot seem to get it right – I have hidden cameras, they stole one camera. Ministry keeps going there to investigate but the home does not seem to get it. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Cindy Brao

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