Check out A Long Term Care Home In Your Area For Infractions

 Although many serious infractions are swept under the rug, here’s a website / Link where you could look up a Long Term Care Home in your area.  Chances are, you won’t be able to choose the one you want anyway and they’ll tell you that they’ll keep your loved ones name on the list…  HOLD OUT IF YOU CAN AND DON’T BE BULLIED WITH THE THREAT OF HAVING TO WAIT A YEAR…

Long-term care home complaint process

Types of complaints – Serious complaints should include your call to the ministry to have them investigate.  Unfortunately they will probably not get any consequences but the non compliance will be put on the website (link above) for all to see and they will be told to do things right.  Keep an eye as they will probably be back at doing the same in no time…

The way you make your complaint depends on the type of complaint. There are two types:

  1. urgent complaints  these include cases of harm, neglect or danger to residents
  2. non-urgent complaints – these include less serious complaints related to diet, activities or care

To report an urgent complaint –  It is your right to complain without retribution

Call the Long-term Care ACTION Line: toll-free 1-866-434-0144


Contact the Ministry Director by writing, phoning or emailing:

Rachel E. Kampus
Director, Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch
Director under the Long-Term Care Homes Act
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
8th Floor, 55 St. Clair Avenue W.,
Toronto ON M4V 2Y7
(416) 212-2362

Minister Of Health Eric Hoskins email:

Premier Of Ontario Kathleen Wynne’s email:

Ontario Ombudsman which oversees the inspectors of Long Term Care:

LTC Toronto area Manager Peggy Skipper:  416-327-8984

What information to include

Give as much as information as you can about your concern. This will make it easier for the home or Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to look into your complaint.

Please include:

  • name of the home
  • address of the home (including town or city)
  • a description of what happened (is the concern an ongoing problem?)
  • for a specific event: when and where it happened (e.g., outside or inside the home)
  • who was involved
  • what you would like the home to do to resolve your complaint

The process for urgent complaints

After you submit a complaint:

  • the ministry will take steps to make sure that the home is following Ontario’s laws for long-term care homes
  • the home could be inspected, if there’s reason to believe it is breaking these rules

If you give us your name, address and telephone number

  • an inspector will call you to discuss your complaint — usually within 2 business days
  • together, you will decide the next best step to take
  • the inspector will call you after they look into your complaint to let you know how the matter was addressed

If you don’t give your name and contact information

The LTC ACTION Line staff will pass your complaint to a ministry inspector for follow-up. The inspector will not be able to contact you later to let you know what happened.

To make a non-urgent complaint

You can make a complaint that is not urgent:

1. Report your concern directly to the home

By law, all long-term care homes in Ontario must have written steps for people to make a complaint.

Homes must post these steps in a place where they are easy to find and easy to see. If you cannot find this information, contact the home’s office staff.

Staff must let you know that the home has received your complaint within 2 business days.

They must call or write to let you know:

  • what they are doing to resolve your complaint now
  • what they plan to do to resolve your complaint in the future
  • when you can expect the complaint to be resolved

If the home believes there is no cause for complaint, they must explain why.

2. Call the ministry

Call the Long-Term Care Homes ACTION Line: toll-free 1-866-434-0144

Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 pm, 7 days a week

The person who answers your call will:

  • take down your information
  • ask you some questions
  • give the information to an inspector for follow-up

If your complaint is not urgent, you will hear back within 2 business days.

3. Write to the ministry

Send a written letter, by mail, to:

Director, Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
11th Floor
1075 Bay St
Toronto ON  M5S 2B1

You will receive a reply to let you know that the ministry has received your complaint. The director will pass your complaint on to an inspector who will look into the matter.


2 comments on “Check out A Long Term Care Home In Your Area For Infractions

  1. Great work Camille; maybe we will see change in our lifetime! Wishing you continued perseverance, stamina, determination!!

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