These Were Left On PTBO Cares

Submitted on: May 18, 2013 @ 4:21
Chris –

I myself find this outrage a nightmare.Here you have family and loved ones paying thousands of dollars to keep their loved ones in an envirement that’s supposed and respectful, all of a sudden this outrage occurs. And I quote that staff members show very little respect towards the residents and their loved ones. My opion is staff members who wrongfuly did this should be fired and not be suspened. put yourself in their shoes what if it where your loved ones.You wouldn’t feel safe. Would you? If this keeps up you’ll see no one being admitted to this type of home, due to the lack of respect,dignity,safety to those who are in the home at the present time.

Come on now ,wake up and smell the coffee people

Submitted on: May 18, 2013 @ 3:36
Sheri –

What I saw was abhorring!!!!!!! That ‘human’ beings would treat the weak and vulnerable makes them no better than a child abuser! Those who were caught on camera abusing seniors, should be punished according to the law and should immediately LOSE their jobs, not be suspended WITH PAY!!!! Are you KIDDING ME???????????


Submitted on: May 17, 2013 @ 22:16
Tracey –

This is not right ! They need to be charged.
Just think it could be ur own mother or father,
They need to never be in health care again n
Some of them should be jailed!

Submitted on: May 19, 2013 @ 2:47
Jan –

There is definitely a lack of funding in these areas, however, there is NO excuse for the physical abuse that was displayed in Mr. Parent’s video. Even a kid knows not to treat anyone the way Mrs. McDonald was. This type of abuse would probably never happen to a resident who was of ‘sound mind’, because they, or their family upon awareness, would immediately deal with the situation.


Submitted on: May 20, 2013 @ 20:47
Suzanne –

Having just been in the position to have my 88yr old mum admitted to long term care after months of waiting on the “crisis list” I am more than outraged at the obvious abuse…I am speechless actually…if this was animal abuse, people wld be outraged and acting sooner…please understand I am not speaking of animal abuse as better or worse than these recorded incidents in Peterborough…I am merely stating ALL abuse is disgusting, unnecessary and done ONLY by people who have low self esteem that has been learned,engrained and taught by a generation before them that to overpower a weaker, older or smaller living creature and inflict pain and humiliation as an acceptable method of gaining self esteem, personal gratification or retaliating against those in control or in power. None of it is rational or acceptable by normal society…these a users who were given these jobs to offer care and trust to our seniors MUST be tried, convicted, and the BANNED for working here or anywhere again in a position of trust, or that involves humans or animals or money or food….print their names high and in caps all over the press and media…go to your Facebook and shame them, name them and shun them. If they were acquaintances or customers of min, there would be no more contact with them,,,heinous at best…to thos who were CAUGHT on camera, well done! How do you feel now, how have you explained this away to the ones who LOVE you?…. Do you still have a home, a family and a bed to sleep in? Perhaps you need to book a room where you once worked! Enough wasting my time addressing you gutter dwellers…shame on you all and there is not enough sympathy in the world that will help your VICTIMS of these crimes. Lets hope the media and the courts provide justice and swiftly…

Thanks. I have said my piece…I normally do not voice my opinion publicly as I am a believer that one should roll up your sleeves and get involved…but this runs deep to the core of what is wrong…and those caregivers were wrong, wrong, wrong…good luck with living with their conscience….it’s hard for one person to fix this outrageous mess but let’s hope the courts and the CEO of St J’s at Fleming does the right thing. 😉


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