2 comments on “Son of St. Joseph’s at Fleming victim takes to crowd funding for elder abuse cause

  1. I really don’t understand this. Abuse is an assault. Whether it be emotional, verbal, physical or anything else… I don’t understand that its not a chargeable offense in my books but then I am not a police officer nor a lawyer. But I do know that Elder Abuse is on a constant rise. I hear and see story after story about victims of long term care. I lost my mother to a major botch at her nursing home…I had no physical stuff other than her chart and her physical shape that she was in…but Mr. Parent has clear evidence of what happened and there should of been charges…….just saying

  2. I agree 100percent . The hmes are getting away wth two much stuff tht is going on, and we can thnk the ones tht r not doing smething tht r able too. They shld be charged for wht they do in these hmes . I heard right frm the tv. of one of the hme people over the hmes , she said if the patients; meaning residents are fighting they wht do at the hme just stand there and let it happen . People in the hmes if don’t do there job or don’t look after the elderly they shld be removed, the same wth the ones tht can do smething abt this they shld be removed too. Just cuz they become older people have a tendency to not care and feel well there old they lived there life . Tht is not the point , they shld be able to live there life til they die not giving meds or beating them up and other stuff tht the hmes do wrong to the elderly. I am fed up wth it and I am here to fight for the elderly and we need more people behind me to do smething for the poor and helpless elderly, cuz u knw sme day we will be elderly. We need to fix all these things happening nw. I hve a ex. here nw u knw when u r young and u hve a teddy bear tht means a lot to u, well if tht teddy bear has a tear in its arm do u throw it out? Of course u don’t u mend it back and tke care of it cuz it is your friend and teddy bear. Well tht is wht I am trying to say we love our parents , aunts , uncles grandparents all the people tht get elderly , we need to stop this abuse in the hmes . We need to mke it there r cameras on at all tmes and the staff cant touch the cameras only the ones head over them. Also we need people tht r going to not allow this in the government as officials to help the elderly. They r people to as well as we are . They to me are the most important people out there , they hve been arnd and no a lot , so they shld be treated way better.

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