Camera will be available soon!

Hey folks, due to many requests, we will have the Camera we used available for you to purchase soon. Be patient and if you’re interested please email me.


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To all our Friends,

Thanks to all of you for the kind words of support, we intend to continue until the Government starts showing “The People” that she intends to finally commit to our Seniors and provide to them, a safe and pleasant place that they could call home and be treated with much respect and dignity that they so deserve, or up until we find a Government that will guaranty this!!!!

At this time I am requesting that Deb Matthews and Premier Kathleen Wynne either fix this mess now, or resign immediately.

Feel free to look us up on Facebook.!/parentcamille

or just look  up, “Camille Parent Peterborough Cares”

Camille K Parent

Peterborough On.

705-748-9961 – 1-888-808-0063