More Abuse at St Joseph’s at Fleming


One comment on “More Abuse at St Joseph’s at Fleming

  1. Mr Mason and family:

    It breaks my heart to see what your family and others are going through due to the loss of your loved ones. I have worked as a regulated professional in long term care for several years and have no tolerance for neglect, abuse etc , that these vulnerable men and women are exposed to while living within their “home”. It embarrasses me to call these places a home, as they are treated as big business and institutions not homes due to gov’t regulations imposed on how they function. There is lots of blame to go around but we need to be screaming at the gov’t for their inadequate patrol of how these facilities are run. And for the decisions of who can be placed within long term care. Mentally disturbed, psychiatric patients, violent clients, any age and disability are pooled under the umbrella of long term care and it is not fair to the elderly. This pooling has created fear and uncertainty, both for the residents and their families. I have been fortunate to work within facilities who are pro-active in providing quality health care and these videos sicken me to think of the lasting images and sadness for the families who have lost loved ones or continue to worry about someone who resides in a care facility. The people of Ontario needs to call their MPP’s, the Ombudsman, their Minister of Health and demand answers and speedy changes. I will keep Mr Mason, Mr Parent and all the families everywhere, who have a loved ones living in a care facility, close to my heart and will fight along side of them for reform and compassion returning for our elders. They deserve nothing less…………..

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