Helen Macdonald; Victim of Long Term Care at St. Josephs at Fleming in Peterborough, ON

If you have a loved one in long term care you won’t want to miss this, but be warned, what you see will shock you. We put the video camera in her room to see how badly the other residents were treating her, what we found was that it wasn’t the residents, but the staff who were assaulting her!

Long term care?
More like long term murder.

By http://www.peterboroughvacuum.com

11 comments on “Helen Macdonald; Victim of Long Term Care at St. Josephs at Fleming in Peterborough, ON

  1. Government underfunding is no excuse for these actions caught on camera.Suspension is way too light for the abusive acts they were caught doing.Those PSWs should loose all rights to ever care for an individual again.Union employees or not ,it is a crime and charges should be laid and punishment paid.

    • I agree with you Diane, something needs to be done and the folks on this video, need to seek a new line of work, maybe working with machines…definitely nothing living.

  2. D. is absolutely correct in what she says in regard to the services provided to clients in Long Term Care. I, myself, work in Long Term Care as a regulated professional in Eastern Ontario and these residents do not get the time or effort they truly deserve for what they pay to live within these homes. The Ministry now pools the frail and vulnerable elderly, with the psychiatric from closed facilities, with the mentally delayed from closed facilities, with the violent dementia clients. It has become a pool of come one, come all. Who the hell decided that one facility for so many needs was okay?? Obviously someone who has never been in a long term care home. And staffing levels are horrendous, with many shifts being short staffed but the same amount of work is required. Do the math.

    Workers are overburdened with the workload required and with overtime (if your employer will provide it) working sometimes 16 hours to provide less then adequate cares to vulnerable people. We get the luxury of easing into our days but these poor folks, the ones with intact cognition, feel the underlying pressures to hurry up and dress, eat etc. And for the ones with severe cognitive impairment, they can’t express their inability to hurry up except to resist. Caring and compassionate care DOES still exist but now Long Term Care has become big “business” and time is money. Let’s apply the assembly line approach to the care of a human being. The gov’t continues with each new budget, to throw money into home care, overburdening the agencies which provide the service to stay at home but they don’t put it into more funding for care homes.

    D. also pointed out that there is no one overseeing the performance of unregulated staff, as the College of Nurses does for registered staff. It is time the gov’t reguired all PSW, HCA staff to be registered and monitored for competency and accountability. And should these undesirables lose a job due to proven neglect or abuse or even quit before being fired, the governing body who regulates would not allow them to work with vulnerable clients ever again. I am proud of the profession I have chosen in Long Term Care and I will continue to give my 110%, and I am blessed to have the same dedication from my co-workers. We need to write our MPP’s, the Ombudsman, the Minister of Health and scream loudly in support of the clients and families who are the forgotten souls in their golden years. They deserve more then they are getting……

  3. what sick sick people, and as for making excuses for behaviour is just as sick… they knew the pay before they started , overcroweding , time … NOTHING has to do with the CARE they PROVIDED not only to Mrs. Macdonald but all the other elders they have abuseed and Iam sure that there is many… There should be cameras in every room that family members can view , this heartbreaking .. Those workers were able to abuse that poor woman now they can sit home and get paid…. THEY SHOULD BEIN JAIL RIGHT NOW…..
    Thank god….. God have mercy onthe soul of these sck individualsansd those who defend them, because the rest of us won’t!

  4. I believe these are long term employees, not the “new” that are just pushed through school with no psych evaluation. I too have worked for years in this field and never once have I seen anything so discusting, degrading, abusive…Need I go on? Burnt out? then get out. I DO know all of the frustrations of the job and never even for $1 million dollars would I do ANY OF THESE DISCUSTING THINGS.

  5. I don’t understand all the talk about time , pay, and government, political bull-crap… This is plain outright assault, abuse, mental and physical … I can only feel fear and anger all at the same time , fear for others that are being abused and assaulted and I Pray that Our Government stands up for our elders as per the Bill that was put in place to do so… Bill C-36 an act to amend the criminal code (elder abuse) (short title: Protecting Canada’s Seniors Act ) This act was introduced into the House Of Commons on the 15 th of March 2012 by the honorable Gordon O’Connor for the Minister of Justice and Honorable Rob Nickleson…

    Wow, what a ignorant world we live in when we look to place blame on others for our actions….

    These people are the LOWEST and WORST CRIMINALS we can have, they pray upon HELPLESS individuals ..

  6. The perpetrators of assault and battery in this case must be punished. The cycle of abuse continues as long as these individuals may still be working in the home, albeit in another location. Decency demands that the perpetrators be dismissed from their employment immediately. There is no excuse for their crimes, and the longer they remain in the employment of the facility, the longer and more entrenched will be the understanding that the facility countenances such behaviour from its staff, with relatively minor sanctions. Act now and stops these abusers!


  7. Made me sick to my stomach watching a vunerable person being subjected to the atrocious actions of those people who take a paycheck home. I can’t bring myself to call them care givers – because they are not! Suspension pffft they should be charged with assault and spent some time in jail. Finally why oh why are we hiding their faces on the news, let’s see who these people are……..

    • Throw the book at them..and I was right about the couple, one of them was married until this video surfaced. Apparently not to the the one they were making out with in Mrs. MacDonalds room.

  8. Here’s a comment that was emailed to me by Lise Cloutier-Steele. We thanks her very much for this and wish her and her family many Blessings, Peace and Love.

    Complaining: A caregiver’s responsibility and obligation

    I applaud Camille Parent’s efforts to report the abuse suffered by his mother who resides in a long-term care facility in Peterborough. There are times when going to the media turns out to be the best approach to prompt government officials into action.

    A couple of years ago, the CTV News Channel aired a segment on the importance of complaining. During the segment titled: The Art of Complaining, the reporter stressed that Canadians don’t complain as much as they should, and offered the advice below to consumers of all types of products and services, which would include long-term care, as it is a service for which a monthly fee is collected.

    DON’T GIVE UP – which is probably the best tip of all because that’s what many authorities who receive complaints are counting on. If a caregiver or power of attorney authority perseveres with a complaint, not only can it be beneficial to his or her loved one, but to others who may not have anyone to speak on their behalf.

    Lise Cloutier-Steele

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