3 comments on “CTV News Story on Abuse in Long Term “Care” Facilities

  1. I think that this is terrible…..I myself placed my mother in a longterm care facility in Ontario…..The attending physcian along with the intake nurse were told on the day of admitting verbally to their faces….Mom has had an adverse drug reaction to Ativan and I didnt want to mom to be prescribed this medication,.. The hospital gave mom some when Dad passed away on the same floor she was on….62 years of marriage…..this ativan made my mother so “out of it” she couldnt feed herself she was incontinent and she could no keep her eyes open….I also updated mother’s allergies…..I assumed that both the doctor and the intake nurse documented this…..December 24th 2011 Mother was wanting help to get some things ready to go home for a couple of days with her family…first one with out her husband……the nurse took it upon herself to say Mother was agitated and gave her the very drug I requested not to be ordered (I had POA) and double dosed her…..3 hours later ……Mom fell and they never called us and they knew we were in town…..they didnt tell us until 25 of Dec at 8pm …..mom was so high on ativan she couldnt tell them she was in pain….after getting a copy of her medical records Mom called the nurses x12 thinking she had wet herself but nope…..Mom was dry……I was told emerancy was closed on 24th so they didnt send her….they said “your mom slipped from her wheel chair.” um hard to believe since she broke 5 pelvic bones in the birth canal and 2 on her right hip….. I firmly believe that they tried to put her on the toilet using the “sit stand lift” and mom being so HIGH she collapsed and her pelvic area hit the metal bar that goes around the toilet…..this makes the most logical sense….. mom’s chair was quite low to the ground to provide her ease in using her feet to propel her chair…….On December 26th we finally got her to the hospital……due to the lack of proper documention ….the updated allergies of Morphine and Graval didnt make it to he hospital…Mom being in very severe pain was given morphine….now mom starts throwing up because of her allergy to morphine…so now they want to give her graval to help with the throwing up….which she had a medical alert bracelet on for that……so between the severe excrusiating pain and the meds that she was allergic too along with the double dose of Ativan……mom passed away at 1240am on the 28th of December…….am I hurt …yes….am I angry …um thats not the word for it…… No one would like to see an animal suffer the way my mother did…..One day she is great…..healthy as best she was and 3 days later she is gone…… its so hard to deal with this……BUT it has to stop…….Elder abuse is not acceptable period …..these are our elders who paved the way for us….they deserve respect and dignity…… My mother passed away due to lack of proper documentation,,,,failure to listen to the Power of attorney for medical……failure to provide the proper medical care…..and also abuse attached to this………Yes my mother wouldnt have lived forever and that I can accept but for my dear mother who provided for me and my siblings and her husband ….who did so much for their community …..to pass this way is totally unacceptable…..but the worst of all of this is that the Dr. and the intake nurse said I didnt ask any of this upon admission the home upper staff cut copied and pasted stuff to cover their asses and called me a liar,……..Karma will come……God and my parents know that I did say and requested the adverse reaction and allergies be updated………If there is anything I can help with to try and stop this abuse please email me at rosettapine@live.ca thank you for listening Diana

    • Hey i am so sorry for wht happened to your family member . We need to certainly put a stop to this nonsense , the govt. needs to put cameras in and check on these hme every mnth and mke sure none of this is happening. so sorry.

  2. My mom was put in a short stay home . she was constantly not believed by them of her allergies she had . In which she had alot of allergies. They kept playing wth my mom upsetting her by telling her they cldnt find her meds each tme she had to hve them. Where as we know this is not gd for a person tht tkes seizures and has a panic attack problem, as well as bowels probs , cuz this wld upst the patient more in which it did. Everytme i went to the dirctor of this place she wld scream and yell at me and not listen to my complaints i had on situations tht were happening in this short stay hme . When smething was wrong or anything they never let me knw wht was going on wth my mom, they made all the decisions it shws in her files by the drugs tht she had taken, i noticedtht in her file tht she had been taking drugs i didnt even no of. Which yself being the p.o.a. they shld of contacted me. Also my mom was getting sleep and i expressed my concerns to 5 nurses as well as a director and all i got was screamed at by the director and the nurses and them did nothing. Also when tlked to my mother she had said not to complain cuz she said they wld give her a prob. i tlethe home tht my mom and us complaining abt things tht were of a problem to my mom shld not give my mom probs . My mom hadf a unwrongful death frm this home . I feel you shld put cameras in the rooms as well as the corridor for tht way then nothing like elderly abuse will be happening by the nurses the directors and the other patients beating on our family and getting away wth it. Also i feel they shld also hve it tht the hme cannot hve access to the cameras and tht they shldnt knw tht there is cameras in the rooms and hallways. I mean all Hmes , short stay places all over ontario. Nw tht wld be smething real good to for the govt. to pay for , this wld not anly protect the patyients , but the homes and short stay places too. Now i am facing losing my mom and not knwing wht exactly happened to her. Hme played wth my head alot to telling this happened and then it was different , smething has to be dne here to help the elderly. My mom wld be here thnks to a hme . I feel there is no such place as a gd hme , they to me r garbage, especcially wht they r doing to all the elderly. I am not going to stop til we put an end to all this garbage tht these nurses and staff tht are in these short stay hmes and hmes as well as hosp. emergency places , and all over wth the abuse the elderly are hving to put up wth . We need to stop this right nw.

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