Chex News Video on Elder Abuse in Peterborough ON


One comment on “Chex News Video on Elder Abuse in Peterborough ON

  1. My sweet mother is now deceased because no one would do anything when I kept asking them why Mom was so lethargic and pale and weak all of a sudden. I finally had the Director of Care come to my Mom’s room so she could see why I was concerned. She insisted that it was probably just a bladder infection. She said “After all, all elderly people have a bladder infection to some degree.” I said I didn’t want to hear “probablies” and I asked if they could at least call the doctor so he could diagnose her. She continued to resist and actually suggested to me that “didn’t I think I was being just a tad melodramatic”. I pointed out to her that in the week they had been ignoring Mom’s condition, that now even her one eye wasn’t blinking. I suggested that a bladder infection wouldn’t cause that. It was only when I threatened to call 911 and take matters into my own hands that she gave in and called an ambulance. The doctors in emergency ordered an emergency CT Scan as soon as they heard the details, and within half an hour, the doctors were having me call the rest of the family because they said Mom wouldn’t have long to live. Evidently what was diagnosed by the Director of Care at the nursing home was actually severe bleeding on the brain…bleeding so severe that it had caused her brain to shift to one side. Twelve days later, she was gone. The morning following her passing, I received a call from the Coroner’s office asking me to repeat all the details to him. He called me several days later to advise that he would be starting an investigation into her death. He called me again a month or so later to advise me that he would be turning Mom’s file over to the Regional Coroner’s Office in London for further investigation. I subsequently received a letter from the Regional Coroner’s Office advising that they were considering turning the file over to the Chief Coroner’s Office for the Province of Ontario. Mom was elderly, almost 94, but she was in such good health and so in control of all aspects of her life, that we keep wondering if we could have had her with us for one more Christmas or one more Mother’s Day. If ever you need more support for your cause, and you’d like complete details of my Mom’s situation, please feel free to contact me. I’d be pleased (and relieved) to be able to share the details. I haven’t even gone into the reason why Mom had this bleeding on the brain suddenly. That’s a whole other story. Simply, it just shouldn’t have happened the way it did. If Mom had died just from old age or from the flu or something innocent, I could accept it and move forward. As it is, it’s difficult to get around all the anger and frustration we’re feeling.

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